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VicSuper offers three types of insurance so you can choose cover that best suits your situation:

  • Death only cover
  • Death and TPD (total & permanent disablement) cover
  • Income protection cover

You can elect to have death and TPD cover that decreases with age where the premium is constant (unit-based cover) or cover that remains constant but premiums increase as you get older (fixed cover).

Eligible members can apply for cover at competitive rates. As premiums are deducted directly from your VicSuper account you do not have the inconvenience of having to make ongoing payments from your take home pay.

Note: if you joined VicSuper through your employer, you may have automatic insurance cover. Visit for details. You can use this calculator to work out how much your chosen insurance cover will cost.

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Death & TPD cover ceases at age 70 and income protection cover ceases at age 65.


Death and TPD

(This is roughly equivalent to )

Summary (Unit-based cover)(Fixed cover)

Death and TPD Yearly premium Weekly premium
Existing cover ()
Additional cover ()
Total cover ()

Note: You cannot have a combination of fixed and unit cover.

It is important to note that under fixed cover, while you are age 60 to 64 the TPD component of your fixed cover will reduce by 20% per annum (or part thereof) of the total amount of your benefit from age 60 onwards. From age 64 there is no further reduction however the maximum TPD benefit payable from age 66 is $250,000.

Income protection


Selected features Comparison
Selected cover amount ()
Benefit waiting period
Benefit payment period
Yearly premium
Weekly premium


Personal details

Death and TPD

Income protection


Amount of cover Yearly premium Weekly premium
Death and TPD
(Unit-based cover)(Fixed cover)
Income protection

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Want to apply for or make a change to your Death and TPD cover?

Life doesn't stay the same. So to apply for or change your existing insurance, please refer to our website for details and our insurance handbook.

Want to apply for or make a change to your income protection cover?

To apply for income protection cover or make a change to your existing income protection cover please refer to our website for details and our insurance handbook.

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Check your existing level of cover via VicSuper MembersOnline.

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For full details of the policy and conditions and other important information on insurance cover offered including the premium tables and general, approved and own approved occupation information, please refer to the insurance handbook or contact our Member Centre on 1300 366 216 Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.